Ahoy all creatives!
Softislab is a platform for kind, curious and experimental activities with textiles, clothes and fashion — Collective making, learning and sharing. We provide professionals, beyond borders and disciplines, opportunities to artistic work and arrange events, workshops and courses for everyone, both professionals and enthusiasts alike.
To us, Soft is RADICAL.



\ ˈsȯft  


: pleasing or agreeable to the senses : bringing ease, comfort, or quiet  

: smooth or delicate in texture, grain, or fiber  

: marked by a gentleness, kindness, or tenderness  

: based on negotiation, conciliation, or flexibility rather than on force, threats, or intransigence  



rad· i· cal | \ ˈra-di-kəl   \   


: very different from the usual or traditional: EXTREME   

: favouring extreme changes in existing views, habits, conditions, or institutions   

slang : EXCELLENT, COOL   


Softislab is a non-profit organization founded in 2020. The association is formed by designers who believe in softness: kind, caring and collaborative approach to design and life in general. We trust that design and art can have a significant influence in building a sustainable future if the focus shifts from consumerism and growth-logic to putting Earth and the planetary boundaries first. Therefore, we challenge the prevailing system and seek new roles for both designers and consumers – create a space for dialogue and alternative practices. But above all, textiles, clothes and collective making bring us joy, and we wish to share the enthusiasm towards soft materials and values.

Workshop and courses for everyone

Our workshops and courses focus on making and learning together. We feel that due to mass production many people have lost connection to material origins, skills of making and product longevity. For shaping a sustainable future, we advocate more caring and active relationship with materials and suggest that new meaning can be found in collective making, not finished outcomes.

Artistic work for professionals

For professionals our platform offers opportunities to artistic work in short-term residencies (coming soon!) and as workshop facilitators. We support multidisciplinary collaborations beyond borders and do not expect previous experience with textiles. We provide our expertise and encourage experimental practices.

soft is radical.

Softislab – a platform for kind, curious and experimental activities with textiles, clothes and fashion - Collective making, caring, learning and sharing.

At the moment, we are seeking funding for establishing our own space.

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