Events & exhibitions

Soundshrooms 16.-18.6.2022


We collaborated with Sideways Festival and created a participatory installation together with textile designer Sofia Guridi, media artist Kiko Chen and sound designer Alex Jilkin. Installation combined soft objects with touch and sound.

People were invited to take a break from the gigs and come to discover the hidden sounds with their bodies.

In the installation people could touch, squeeze, and pick sounds from the soft and shroomy objects - Together with others, they could collectively produce playful soundscapes and experience the enchanting midsummer atmosphere.

Design and construction: Softislab with
Kiko Chen and Sofia Guridi

Sound design:Alex Jilkin

SOFT is Radical exhibition


In the exhibition we displayed the residency artists's projects and the outcomes of the courses and workshops which took place during the Softislab pilot.

The exhibition was also an opportunity for citizens to get familiar with Softislab and its tools and machinery.

Design and construction: Softislab working group together with the residency artists

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